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Terms Of Service


All items carried by Just Movers are carried under owners risk. Just movers will not be liable for any loss of damage unless the loss or damage was intentional



Due to the competitive nature of our pricing, Just Movers does not sell or provide insurance for your goods while in transit. We recommend that you discuss with your own contents insurance provider to ensure that your belongings are adequately covered.

If you require transit insurance, we may be able to recommend a broker for you.

Further liability:

While the utmost care is taken to ensure your belongings and your property are not damaged, please note that damage or loss caused by the moving process to walls, stairwells, driveways, footpaths, fences and other property by a vehicle or person while under instruction from you or any person acting on your behalf is not covered by our insurance.


Payment of invoice:
Just Movers requires all invoices to be paid in full by cash, eftpos or credit card following the completion of services unless agreed by prior arrangement


Cancellation Policy:

Any jobs cancelled 24 hours prior to booking time will incur a $40 fees. 

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